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My Souls Purpose

My Souls Purpose

I got asked this question last week and it really threw me. It was not a question I had ever been asked before. And to be honest I didn’t really understand it. So it got explained a little more. What would be my perfect life? […]



I have been doing a fair bit of reading recently, mainly because I haven’t been able to do much else due to being poorly last week. But I haven’t been reading novels, I have been reading more of my psychology books and my self-help books. […]

Big School

This time last week, I had just finished the nervous wait of hearing of which big school Baba had been accepted into. I had never really thought about it last year, or even as the time became closer. Never really thought about how many times […]

How Rhianna Affected Us – Messages from Family and Friends

Loosing Rhianna didn’t just touch us, as her parents or her brother, it has affected many other people. People don’t know what to do or how to react when you lose a child. On her anniversary we wanted to put together some thoughts from family […]

Seven Months

Tomorrow marks seven months since Rhianna Lily died. In those seven months I have developed a serious pet hate. Easier!! When we first lost Rhianna we were told by many many people that everything would become easier! The feelings would be easier with time, we would […]

Letter To Our Four Year Old

Last week you turned four! It seems to have gone so fast, it literally only seems like yesterday that we were sitting in the maternity unit, being induced again and again as you didn’t want to come, then finally having this tiny teeny 5 lb […]

It’s The Little Things

Little things make all the difference, they can make you smile like you haven’t smiled in a long time, or they can make you cry like you haven’t in a long time. But the little things spring up on you and you never know when […]

The Dull 20/03/2012

The Dull 20/03/2012

Telling people that your baby has died is probably the hardest thing we have ever done. I remember making the phone calls to relatives and friends when my Nan and Gran died, and I managed to keep it together for those few minutes. I knew […]

Pregnancy Sucks

I haven’t been blogging recently, it has been a conscious decision really it isn’t that I haven’t got anything to say as the past few weeks I have had lots and lots to say. But I have not wanted to bombard the few people who […]

Where Has It Gone

This isn’t a post about where the year has gone. It’s a post about where my umpf and spirit has gone. I am feeling incredible deflated I have lost all of my Christmas spirit. I haven’t written a single card! I haven’t even made a […]