Product Review

Papercut Review

I absolutely adore papercuts, it is something I have tried in the past, but really is something that takes a lot of time and a lot of skill so when I was offered to have a papercut review from Cara-Lou Cuts on the blog I jumped […]

Boo’s Skin

Boo has always had bad skin, he has forever been a spotty baby, and a few months ago he started to get a really sore neck. At first it was put down to a dribble rash as he was a serious dribbler. But it didn’t […]

Abeille Cellular Blanket

My children love blankets, Baba has always been a child that curls up under a blanket to watch TV and Boo is just the same. When Baba was born he had a couple of my baby blankets that mum had passed down to me, but […]

Baba and Boo Nappy Review

Baba and Boo Nappy Review

I have always wanted to try cloth nappies, it was something I wanted to do with Baba, but never managed to persuade Mr L to really give it a go. I was determined to try it with Boo. There are many reasons I wanted to […]

belVita Breakfast Crunchy Biscuits #MorningWin

Morning is always a little mad in our house, mainly because neither of the boys want to wake up in the morning, and also because Baba is not a great breakfast eater. So we have lots of debate about what to eat, and when he […]

A Healthier Me #RealMumsAllBran 5-Day Challenge

Anyone who reads this blog will know that I have been on a health kick, as I have a wedding in August and I need to fit into my dress. Cereal is a big thing in our house, we all adore it! Although not the […]

Disney on Ice Review – Passport to Adventure

We love Disney on Ice in our house and we were very lucky to go and see Disney on Ice last year so when we were asked if we wanted to go and see Disney on Ice – Passport to Adventure this year we jumped […]

Swimsuit Review

A few weeks ago I was asked to review a swimsuit from Simply Swim. I decided on the Zoggs Altona Boost Suit in Black and Jade Polka, as I haven’t actually owned a swimsuit for years and years. Recently I have been a bikini, tankini […]

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum

We are a family of pet owners, we have Tito our beagle, Stewie the rabbit, Bob the hamster, Mr Snail our African Snail and Fred the Bearded Dragon and would probably have more if we had the space. To be honest Mr Snail and Fred […]

Dettol No Touch Hand Wash A Review

We were sent the Dettol No Touch Hand Wash to review, and having a builder in the house, we were not going to say no to having this product in the house. You don’t have to touch this hand wash, that is the best thing […]