My Souls Purpose

I got asked this question last week and it really threw me.

It was not a question I had ever been asked before.

And to be honest I didn’t really understand it. So it got explained a little more. What would be my perfect life? What gets me out of bed every day? And what would I do if there were no limits?

Reading this I thought well that’s easy its to be debt free and whip my children out of school and travel the world!

But no that wasn’t the right thing, that was my end goal. Which totally makes sense.

I needed something that would get me to my end goal, something that my soul loved, a passion within me so to speak.

Well I sat and thought and thought and didn’t really get it at all.

I do Tropic to be at home with the boys, to be here whenever they need me so that I am here if they are ill, have a broken arm, in the holidays. I do Tropic so that I can work around them, do my work in the evenings after 6 when Mr is at home and work late in the night rather than a 9-5 Monday to Friday job.

Or do I?

As I thought about this soul purpose more and more, all of the above is true but it isn’t the whole truth.

Yes I started Tropic because of Boo’s skin we all know that, but it wasn’t the only reason I started Tropic because I needed something for me.

I love my kids, there is no question, but I needed something for me. I needed to be using my brain, I needed to be focused on something other than just the boys. I needed to socialise again, meet new people, speak to people, see people and get my brain working.

So Boo’s skin and the amazing effect Tropic had on it was the little push that I needed to do something very selfishly for me.

But I still wasn’t convinced that was my soul purpose to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong I love it, it never feels like work. But would I still do it if there were no limits, probably not.

For a while I even had crafting in the mix as something to do with my soul purpose I love to craft and I love beauty. And I would love some sort of craft and beauty club, where people could come and spend time on themselves and on their well-being.

More about that in a minute.

Then it hit me, as most of these things do when you are least expecting it.

I had had a tough week last week, Boo was ill, and in hospital three times in one week, he also still had his broken arm to deal with as well and we were all knackered and it was a stressful week.

But there was one day where I had two separate conversations, both about Tropic and both about it being brought because they wanted it to help some skin conditions and it hit me.

My soul purpose is to help people.

I absolutely love it when what I am doing helps people, whether that is a product helping their skin, helping them meet people, giving them a chance to have a night in with their friends, or a chance to look after themselves by pampering themselves. I love it when people come back and you can feel you have helped them.

And that stems back into the beauty/craft club. I want something like this so that people can look after themselves, reconnect with themselves and make sure that they are ok. They have a good mindset, they can relax, can socialise, can find some friends. It is still an idea rumbling around at the moment but something that I think I will definitely be looking into more and more as the months go on.

It was a simple thing when I finally realised, but was a great realisation when I got it.

What is your souls purpose?

Do you even know?

Why don’t you have a sit down and think about it too?

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