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Planning Our Summer

Planning Our Summer

The first day of the summer holidays I set the boys a challenge to write down things that they wanted to do in the summer. We did a list like this last year, but I massively helped the boys. This year they went ahead and […]

Sunny Days

Sunny Days

It’s amazing how different live is with a couple of sunny days. This last week we have seen a massive shift in the weather. Which has lead to happier children. And slower but happier days. The washing basket is finally empty. The kids are out […]

Baba to Big Bro!

You may have noticed a few changes around here. But there has been one big change for this new year. And that is the change of Baba to Big Bro. Last year there were many reasons that I hadn’t really blogged, but one of them […]

Gardening and Bike Riding

The last couple of days, have been super quiet, we have spent a lot of time at home. The boys have chilled and I have caught up with things around the house, the washing and tidying and just getting ready for the new half term […]

Time To Be Free

Time To Be Free

I love school holidays, it’s a time when the boys just have time to be free. There are no restrictions, no rules about bedtime, where they have to be, what they have to do, or what they have to wear. They go to bed late, […]

Boo’s Big Boy Bed

13 days ago Boo had the biggest change for him since he was born. After 18 months, of living in our room, and 17 months of sleeping in his cot he moved. He moved into his big boy bed and he moved into Baba’s room. […]

No Time

Time seems to be passes me by at the moment, everyday I seem to be massively busy, however by the end of the evening I don’t seem to have done anything massive. I am constantly running around doing things, but nothing seems to ever get […]

Not A Lot Of Blogging

I always knew this would be a manic time in our lives. After all it is our very first school summer holiday, it is our first big holiday that is just me and the boys as Mr L is working 6 days a week, and […]

Singing and Farting

This morning was a typical morning in our house. We had a restful night no terrors and no screaming throughout the night. Mr L left for work at the ungodly hour that he leaves, I am still fast asleep when he leaves I am never totally […]