Baba to Big Bro!

You may have noticed a few changes around here.

But there has been one big change for this new year. And that is the change of Baba to Big Bro.

Last year there were many reasons that I hadn’t really blogged, but one of them was the fact that Big Bro was called Baba, he is nine now and Baba just didn’t feel right anymore. He will always be my Baba, but I can’t spend his life calling him it. He needed an older name, a name that represented him on the blog.

So we talked about and decided to let him be involved in the name that he will be known as on the blog.

In the end after a few names were thrown around, we all decided on Big Bro, or BB as that is what he is. He is the eldest of our children, he is the Big Brother the one that was alive when Rhianna died and the one that Boo looks up to, daily.

Big Brother was a bit too long, so Big Bro was decided.

I am not going to go through and change his name in every post, even though I have to go through most posts and sort out the pictures, but from now on Baba has gone, and Big Bro is here, and I am sure it wont be long before Big Bro gets shortened to BB as it is just easier to write and I am a little lazy when it comes to writing!

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