Gardening and Bike Riding

The last couple of days, have been super quiet, we have spent a lot of time at home.

The boys have chilled and I have caught up with things around the house, the washing and tidying and just getting ready for the new half term to start.

Even though we didn’t plan to do a lot this weekend we actually have done a lot, even though it has been chilled we have still been busy every day so they both needed a little bit of chill time, and it has been lovely.

They have been out in the garden, digging up the vegetable patch, luckily there are no seeds in there yet.

Making massive holes and filling them with water as boys do!

They have made worm farms, and we have been trying to remember what we have had planted before as some plants seem to be growing, but we can’t 100% remember what they are tulips or daffodils we can’t remember.

We have taken the boys out for a bike ride and scooter ride, riding doesn’t come naturally to Baba he has really struggled with it and it has been a very tense time whenever we have tried to teach him to ride, he finally gets it but now we are slowly trying to build up his confidence with riding.

Boo is a completely different child he loves anything with wheels and his current favourite thing is his scooter and he was whizzing around on his today, he was super fast and within one ride mastered the brake perfectly, he is a child that is going to be attached to all things that move.

Tomorrow is our last day before we are back to the normal routine of school and boring things like that and I have to say I am really going to miss them being both at home.

This half term has been lovely.

Getting them out each day has been fun and easy, and they have behaved so well because of it.

They have both been brilliant all half term and they are sleeping better, and behaving better in general because they are out and getting a great dose of fresh air every day.

It really has been a lovely week.


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