Sunny Days

It’s amazing how different live is with a couple of sunny days.

This last week we have seen a massive shift in the weather.

Which has lead to happier children.

And slower but happier days.

The washing basket is finally empty.

The kids are out most of the days.

The dogs are out most of the days.

And everyone is getting a fill of sun time and quality air before bedtime.

So when their heads hit the pillows they crash out.

Cooking has been pushed to the side for BBQs

Everything has just become a little brighter and easier.

My kids love the summer

They aren’t sun lovers

But they love the lighter evenings.

Being able to potter in and out all day.

Exploring for bugs.

Having water fights and just generally chilling.

They are at their happiest with late bedtimes.

Dirt on their feet.

And knots in their hair.

They love going through piles of clothes.

Because of water fights, mud piles and just general exploring.

It is when they fight less.

They explore more.

And computers get pushed to the side.

And I love listening to the laughter.

The sequel’s and the joy.

The sun brings back a happiness you miss in the winter.

A joy you didn’t know you were longing for.

It is a relief.

A time to chill a little.

A time to be free.

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