Christmas Holidays

Tomorrow is the last day of the Christmas holidays for the boys.

It seems such a short holiday this year, even though they have had two weeks off, it has flown past and there were so many things that we didn’t actually get to do.

But we have also fitted in so many things, things that I will be blogging about over the next few days.

We have been to our local Science Museum, been to the beach, been on a massive walk over the common near us, and been to London.

As well as having three different Christmas days and a boxing day as well.

We split our Christmas this year, seeing Hubby’s family on Christmas Eve, mine on Christmas Day and having a friend’s Christmas get together after Boxing Day.

The boys loved doing this and had days of presents rather than them all being given on one day and them being overwhelmed.

The boys both stayed up for New Year and both saw in 2019 for the first time ever, and today we have had a New Year with friends.

It has been really busy, amazingly fun, but full on and we have one day before they are both at school, so tomorrow is going to be a chilled day.

We will be seeing the family and taking down the Christmas lights and basically just having a bit of quiet time before we are all thrown back into reality when we have to wake up for school on Thursday.

When we will all be wishing for a longer holiday one that is longer than two weeks and lets the kids unwind after their Christmas week.

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