Time To Be Free

I love school holidays, it’s a time when the boys just have time to be free.

There are no restrictions, no rules about bedtime, where they have to be, what they have to do, or what they have to wear.

They go to bed late, wake up late, and just chill.

And I love it.

I love having them both home, I love watching their relationship grow, and seeing Baba relax and Boo just copy everything he does.

This term has been tough for Baba and it is lovely to see him just relax, and to be free and happy.

I made a decision this holiday that we aren’t going to spend everyday indoors, Baba would happily veg out on the sofa, and do art work the whole time he is off school. But Boo loves to be out. So I decided that at least once a day we would go out, do something together and get the boys some serious fresh air into their lungs.

They have both been ill the past few weeks and it is time that they got rid of the cobwebs from being poorly and got to run wild a little.

Today we headed to a local park once it started to warm up.

As soon as we got there Boo wanted to run, and walk, so I left the pushchair in the car, and let the boys explore, while I dug out the camera and took some pictures of the boys as they just had fun and were free.

We saw the miniature train going around the park.

Boo loved the little train, and stood beautifully at the line with his brother, whenever he saw one of these signs around the park.

We found daffodils in the park, hundreds of them, and the boys loved them. They ran through them, smelt them, and found the biggest daffodils and the smallest ones there.

I also got to take lots of photos of them.

I love taking photos of flowers, and it is something that I really enjoy. They are never the same and I love the challenge of taking the photos and making sure that they don’t move.

Daffodils and Lillies are my favourite flowers to take photos of and was really pleased how these turned out.

Once we left the flowers the boys ran, they walked and they found many different trees, ones that had fallen down, ones that are still growing and some great stumps around the park.

Baba started to climb one tree and that was it Boo wanted to do the same as his brother, Boo has never climbed trees before so Baba didn’t go very far. In fact he only really sat on the trees so that Boo could climb the tree and reach him and be at the same level as Baba.

They found many trees, and they were so happy that they found so many.

Every tree they wanted to pose and have a photo taken together, and it was great to see them smiling and so happy.

We spent an hour at the park.




And just being free.

Boys being boys.

Memories being made.

And just having fun.

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2 thoughts on “Time To Be Free”

  • It looks like you had a great time exploring the park with the boys, it’s great that you want to make the most of the half term and blow away some cobwebs. The boys look so pleased to be able to spend time together messing about, it’s great that they’re so sweet with each other. I bet watching them climb trees together was lovely for you. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

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