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Being Organised for the School Year

Being Organised for the School Year

This school year, I have two children in two different places, and Boo’s hours will be increasing in January, and Baba is now in juniors rather than infants so has a lot more activities going on so I knew this year I had to start […]

The Start of Year Three and A Missing Child

Last week Baba started year three and there was a significant missing piece this year. I tried my hardest not to let Rhianna being missing to overshadow the day, but it was flipping hard to not let it all be about her. It was a […]

And Then It Was September

This year seems to have gone mentally fast. Before we had blinked it was September, the summer had gone and the holidays had finished and both boys have begun a new school and preschool year. We had a great summer, and lots of adventures were […]

School End 2015-2016

So last week both Baba and Boo finished school. The first year they have both finished a school year. Baba has walked out of Year 2 and will be walking into year 3 in September nearly an 8-year-old and Boo has finished his first 6 […]

Back To Reality

So today sees us as a family back to reality. After a stressful start to the holidays, trying to juggle working from home, and the children, I finally gave in three weeks ago and decided to have the rest of the holidays off with the […]

End of Term Looming

  This time last year we were at the end of Baba’s first school year. The biggest milestone had happened and Mr L and I couldn’t quite believe that our baby was moving into his second year of Primary school. In a blink of an […]

Back To Routine, The Start Of A Routine

Today saw our family finally back to the old routine. No more week day lay in’s until 10am, no more lounging about in our PJ’s and no more chilling at home doing nothing at all. We have to get up early again, get ready and […]

And It’s Back To School We Go

Today was Baba’s first day back at school since having Half Term last week. It was a shock to the system this morning, having to get up and get out on time. We have had a busy half term, but one where we made no […]

New Beginnings and Old Routines.

So last week I broke my charger for the laptop, well in actual fact it had been broken for a long time, but Mr L had managed to bodge it to make it last a little longer, and then it got slightly moved and that […]

Starting Year One and No Pre-School

So today Baba proudly got up, put his new school clothes on and took his new school bag and headed of to his year one classroom. He has been super excited about starting school again, which has only been fueled by the fact that his […]