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My Souls Purpose

My Souls Purpose

I got asked this question last week and it really threw me. It was not a question I had ever been asked before. And to be honest I didn’t really understand it. So it got explained a little more. What would be my perfect life? […]



One thing I hate about grief is the unpredictability of it. You can never tell when it will hit. You can never predict when you won’t be ok. And you really live your life on the edge of a cliff for the rest of your […]



I have been doing a fair bit of reading recently, mainly because I haven’t been able to do much else due to being poorly last week. But I haven’t been reading novels, I have been reading more of my psychology books and my self-help books. […]

Just Today

Today I have had both boys at home. Boo has had a bit of a temperature the last few days, (I think he has his finally few teeth coming through). He is fine in himself, but has gone of his food, only will eat the […]

Finding Me

This year I have been trying to find myself. I am not unhappy in fact I am probably happier than I have been in a long time, there is no doubt about that. But it is a case of not really knowing what I want […]

Changing For The Better

I have been ill again. Every other week I seem to be getting something. And I am getting a little fed up with it to be honest. I am busy which is great, but there are a few stressful things that are happening too. But […]

Some Times You Need A Break, and Sometimes You Realise The Obvious

I don’t like giving in, it really does take a lot for me to actually say ok I need help, I need to stop. Last week I had to do it, I had to do it on more than one occasion and to be honest, […]

Shopping, Smiling and Being Normal

Today was a pretty normal mundane day for us, we had to do a food shop and managed to sneak in a little craft shop as well. But the difference was that my lovely polite and nice mannered child seemed to return! Yes he still […]

What The…

We don’t do anything in this house, don’t get me wrong we are always busy but we don’t actually go out of an evening very much. Mr L does but that is a whole different tale, and things we do of a weekend are never […]