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A Bit of a Revamp

A Bit of a Revamp

There have been a few things wrong with this blog for a while now, links not working, some catergories no longer relevant and the biggest thing being older posts not having photos in them. I have been putting it off if I am honest as […]

All Change

Today has been a tough day for various reasons. Boo has behaved hideously. Lots of things have gone wrong and I just don’t feel 100%. And amongst it all I have been deciding what to do with this here little space on the web. Loosing […]

A Garden You Don’t Love

A Garden You Don’t Love

We have a garden that none of us really love in our house. We have a slabbed area at the back, and the toys all to the side. We have a vegetable patch, that isn’t currently being used near the slabbed area and then the […]

A Papercutting Journey Part 2

Following on from my first attempt at Papercutting I have been continuing to learn and work with this new skill. I love doing it, but it is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of time, it is very fiddly, and things do go […]

A Papercutting Journey

I love paper, as I think we all know and I love any craft with paper to be honest. I am addicted to Scrapbooking, and have developed a love for Book Folding / Book Art but have always had a yearning to have a go […]

A New Logo and a Refreshing New Look

For a while now I have wanted to update my Scrapbookerry website. Not because I don’t like it, but because where it is hosted has become far too rigid and I don’t have the flexibility that I need to increase what I do and to […]