A Garden You Don’t Love

We have a garden that none of us really love in our house.

We have a slabbed area at the back, and the toys all to the side.

We have a vegetable patch, that isn’t currently being used near the slabbed area and then the rest of the garden is grass.

Grass that doesn’t grow.

That becomes a bog in the winter, and goes rock hard in the summer.

None of us love our garden.

I am trying to find some inspiration for an easy to maintain garden.

I am scoring Pinterest and not found anything that yet inspires me.

I don’t want to slab it, and we are worried our chewer Norman will wreck any fake grass we put down.

So we are at a stand still.

Every year since we lived here, which is 10 years in a couple of months, we have tried to do something with the garden.

Every winter it is ruined and we have to start again.

This time I want to do it for good.

Whatever we decide I want it to last, I want it to be ok next year.

And I want to be in our garden using it.

And liking it.

Rather than us all hating it as we do at the moment.

But what to do that’s the question?

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