A New Logo and a Refreshing New Look

For a while now I have wanted to update my Scrapbookerry website. Not because I don’t like it, but because where it is hosted has become far too rigid and I don’t have the flexibility that I need to increase what I do and to improve Scrapbookerry.

But it is a plan that has been put on the back burner.

As it is a big change!

I am having to learn lots of new things, and I really don’t want it to be exactly the same as what is currently up as to be honest that is no longer current and I know I have many more things to offer than what is on there!

So it is going to be a slow process.

But while I have slowly been putting ideas together on paper rather than on the site, I have begun to think that everything to do with Scrapbookerry needs a bit of jig and a freshen up, including the logo and the branding.

I haven’t changed it for a long time, and think that it is now time for a new look.

Yesterday I decided to change the logo.

It was quite a big change to be honest.

A completely new and refreshing look.

I love it.

I actually adore the new look.

And think it is just what Scrapbookerry needed

What do you think?

Scrapbook Logo 1a

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