All Change

Today has been a tough day for various reasons.

Boo has behaved hideously.

Lots of things have gone wrong and I just don’t feel 100%.

And amongst it all I have been deciding what to do with this here little space on the web.

Loosing all my photos on the site and having to update them all feels like a bit of a sign that the blog needs redecorating. 

I haven’t blogged steadily for years now. Probably since having Boo to be honest.

But it has been a constant throughout my babies lives and I want it to remain that way.

But I feel like it needs a new look.

So don’t be surprised if things are looking different over the next few weeks, as I am sure this will take me a while. I can never decide on things like this. I have to play, have a think and then change it around again before I am set on the whole look.

And I think this tells you the pace of these changes. Today I have spent the whole day debating my image at the top of the blog.

Do I change it?

If I did I think it needs to remain feet orientated, or does it?

Or do I take all pictures away and just do some amazing text?

It’s a tough decision and one I can’t yet decide. 

So if you have any amazing ideas then please send them my way.

It may massively help.

Until it’s finished I hope the disruption is minimal.

And please let me know what you think!



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