A Bit of a Revamp

There have been a few things wrong with this blog for a while now, links not working, some catergories no longer relevant and the biggest thing being older posts not having photos in them.

I have been putting it off if I am honest as it is a massive task, but over the next few weeks I will be tackling it all.

As well as giving the blog a whole new theme.

So things may be a little in the air and may be a bit all over the place for a couple of weeks but hopefully, it will all be sorted fairly soon.

So that I can really start using the blog for what I want it to be used again!

Writing, Family, Rhianna Lily, Crafting, Travel, Days Out, Weightloss, Blogging and Tropic!

It is a huge task so please do bare with me but at the same time I hope that you will really enjoy the new look!

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