D.I.Y Bedroom Lamp

Since we have moved up to the top room, we have been lacking a bedside lamp and it has been really annoying me.

To be honest we have never had a bedside lamp, and I love to read but am not able to read with the light on as Mr can’t then sleep and have been desperate for a lamp, but can never actually find one that I like.

I have seen jars with fairy lights in a lot and thought that I could do that easily, especially as we have a few jars that have no use at all at home.

This evening I decided to give my DIY lamp a go.

All I used was a glass jar

And a pack of battery operated fairy lights

All I did was clean up the jars, and feed through the fairy lights leaving out the battery pack and putting this round the back of the jar and then put the lid back in.

That simple.

And the result is this…

And I love it.

Such a simple and easy but hugely effective lamp for the bedroom, and the perfect way for me to read of an evening.

A great finish to our bedroom.

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