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It’s Time For The Milkman

It’s Time For The Milkman

Big Bro has a thing about plastic. He hates it. He hates what it does to the natural world around us. And has a passion to protect the sea life from it. After all he is desperate to be a marine biologist in his adult […]

A National Trust & A RSPB Membership

Yesterday we went to our local National Trust park, it is a place we go to quite often but we never really go to the house that is also there, as you have to pay to get into the house and the grounds and it […]

Beagles + Garden = Mayhem!

We have had Tito for six years now and to be fair he isn’t a usual beagle, he has calmed down a lot in the last couple of years, the chewing and digging has subsided and we were gradually getting on track with our garden, […]

Staunton Country Park

Tuesday we met up with my sister and her children and took Baba to Staunton Country Park. I wanted to do something different and fun, and I also wanted to be kept busy this week before Rhianna’s funeral. It broke the week up nicely as […]

The Love Of Your Dog

I love my dog dearly, in fact I probably love all our pets dearly, and in fairness it is more me that pushes to buy the animals than it is Baba. Even though they are all his except the dog! He was around before Baba […]

Marwell Zoo

Yesterday we went to Marwell Zoo with Mr L’s family. We have been there lots in Baba’s little life, and he loves the place. He loves seeing the animals and he never seems to get tired of looking at everything. He has never managed to […]

The Gallery – Animals

We are an animal family, both Mr L and I grew up around animals and as soon as we had our own flat we had our first pet. Our hamster, Tyson. Once we moved to a house we brought our dog and we have never […]

Animals Animals Animals

Baba has loved animals literally from the moment he was born, I suppose that is because he has always been around them. When he was born we had Tyson the hamster and our dog Tito, his Nan had two cats and my sister quickly got […]

Easter, Weddings, Zoo, and Painting!

This weekend it feels as if we have been away, we have had a mental weekend that has never stopped. Friday we had our nephew over and took him and Baba to the beach as he had stayed Thursday night. My sister then came and […]

We Are A Dog Walking Family

So I have been going on and on about walking the dog and getting fit that I thought I could not keep talking about it without actually doing something about it. So today, we as a family started on the dog walking regime. I do need to […]