The Love Of Your Dog

I love my dog dearly, in fact I probably love all our pets dearly, and in fairness it is more me that pushes to buy the animals than it is Baba. Even though they are all his except the dog! He was around before Baba but Baba still classes him as his the only animal I probably don’t adore is the snail. He is a little gross I have to admit, and I never pushed for him (thanks Emma) but you know he is still our pet and is treated as all the other pets are in our house. He is looked after cleaned and everything we can do for him we do.

To say that our pets are spoilt is by far an understatement. The rabbits have a custom run handmade by Grandad that is hugest run I have ever seen, they literally have so much space out there it is fantastic for them. They also had a huge hutch which has broken over the Christmas period, so it has been bolted up for them and they now have tents in the run, with nice warm mats in them to cover themselves up. They love it out there, they get great food and basically have the run of half the garden I kid you not.

The hamster Bob, is just as spoilt, for the size of him he has a massive cage. He is taken out held and allowed to play in his ball as much as possible. He also has the pick of his food and is spoilt rotten by Baba and me, and Mr L, who actually hates hamsters, but is the only one that Bob will allow to pick him up. I do find that quite amusing I have to admit. But even so he is totally spoilt.

The snail has a massive tank, it is much bigger than other people’s that I have seen and again is spoilt, with food and cleaning etc. None of our pets go without. Mr L and I have been known not to get things that we want to get the animals stuff that we think they need, or that Baba wants to buy them that is how much they are thought of in our house. All are loved dearly.

But none quite as much as Tito. Tito is four and regular readers of the blog will know a lot about him, he is our beloved quiet beagle. He hardly ever makes a noise and loves Baba dearly. He is actually fantastic with Baba he lets him do anything he likes to him and never complains, he lets the rabbits nose him, the hamster roll over his feet and still does nothing, he is almost the gentle giant of our animals in our house. There is nothing that is too much trouble for him.

I feel in love with him the minute I saw him, and that was over email, when he was 4 weeks old. I knew instantly that he was the dog for us. But the minute we went to see him at 6 weeks old, Tito feel in love with Mr L and the feeling was 100% mutual. I don’t try to even suggest that Tito is my dog, as he isn’t it is all about Mr L in his eyes, and all about Tito in Mr L eyes. If Mr L could take Tito to work with him everyday I do not doubt that that would happen, but unfortunately he can’t so Tito is left with me all day long.

He isn’t the easiest of dogs, although I paint a rosy picture above, and that is no lies, he has a lovely temperament and is a gorgeous dog in that way, but he is not the easiest of dogs. We have lost lots of things in the house to the teeth of Tito! He is a beagle and they are known for their chewing abilities and Tito did not fail to deliver in this department. We lost the upstairs and downstairs of the hallway carpet, I don’t even have a number that is close to the amount of slippers, socks, pants, toys, puzzles pieces, t-shirts and jackets we have actually lost in the four years of having him, but it has been a lot. There was a time when it was a regular situation and this was when he was crated. We have a shelf flat against the wall in the hallway as he has actually scratched through the whole wall, and is actually nearly through the wood now so that is something else that needs to be fixed.

But his biggest problem has been his toileting. He took a long time to train, he really did not get it for ages. He was a sicky pup and we thought we were going to lose him at a very young age. He was being constantly sick, he was allergic to milk, he couldn’t eat this food or that food, and then he was really poorly all day. He was all but a few months old and he had eaten a stone that was stuck in his intestine. We had an anxious weight as he sat in the vets as they tried to dislodge it without an operation, luck was on his side that day and he didn’t have to go through with the operation. Although a couple of months later he was back being done, and he had to have some work done on his mouth as his adult teeth were growing but some baby ones hadn’t come out. He was obviously in a lot of a pain, and had stopped eating again. So that had to be fixed at the same time. Since then he has been a little fuzzy, he was always a dry food dog, but since the teeth he is a meat dog eater and will not touch dry food.

The problems with Tito have never stopped. He has always been prone to bugs and sickness and is probably in the vets at least once a year getting injections and anti sickness medicine and we go back to the boring chicken and rice to bring him back out of it. It is always a stress and to be honest has really stopped us from developing and redecorating the hall as he is ill so often. When he is ill he is really ill.

Although at the moment we have another problem with him, and let me restate he that I love this dog dearly we all do. Yesterday I had literally lost my patience with him. I am not sure whether it is the pheromones, whether he knows that I am pregnant again or what it is. All I know is that everything he knows he should not be doing he is doing, he is going to chew things, he is snatching food, he is peeing and pooing in the hallway. He knows he is doing wrong, he has that look that all dog owners recognise, when their dog has done wrong, that tilt looking look of oh no! He isn’t ill there is nothing wrong with him except he is being complete and utterly naughty. We haven’t changed anything he is getting as much attention as he has always had, he is feed enough, he is stimulated, he is walked. Although he wont go out in the rain or too much wind (he is a unique dog I tell you) But there is no reason why he is being this bad.

He is literally driving me insane, I don’t have the patience and I don’t have the stomach to deal with it all the time. Everything we try to do with him just doesn’t seem to work and we are literally at the end of our tether with him. He wasn’t even this bad as a 10 week old puppy. So if any has any experience of this with a dog I would be very grateful to get their advice and any suggestions will be appreciated!

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  • oh no naughty Tito, as I have mentioned before my mum has beagles, and they are lovely dogs but can be very naughty! none of mums have ever had too much troube with toilet training tho, chewing yup but not toileting, however my mum has a dog flap.. like a cat flap but for dogs, so they can go in and out as they choose, and i guess that helps? I do hope you can find something to stop him and make things easier for you all xx

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