It’s Time For The Milkman

Big Bro has a thing about plastic.

He hates it.

He hates what it does to the natural world around us.

And has a passion to protect the sea life from it.

After all he is desperate to be a marine biologist in his adult years and watches and learns frantically about what plastic does to sea life.

He vividly remembers the straw in the turtles nose and tells us about it regularly.

Along with the whale that had a stillbirth, due to the plastic she had digested while she was pregnant, it is obviously something very close to his heart and he hates that we as a race contribute to this and are hurting these animals.

He goes on about plastic a lot.

We have done beach cleans, he refused to have his sandwiches in plastic bags any more.

Little things that he feels make a difference he mentions to me, they are usually passing comments as the morning mayhem is in full swing, and he will suddenly mention something that he has thought of that isn’t a good thing for the environment.

It was on one of these mornings that he mentioned that there must be a better way to have milk as our plastic milk bottles weren’t a great idea.

So as with most of things, he makes me think about what I am throwing out and how much we are contributing to the plastic in the world so I went investigating to see if milkman where still around. And I found one!

To be honest I was pretty shocked that they still were operating but discovered that we could get milk on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so I started an order.

Currently I am still ordering as we need the milk at the moment as I am just checking on quantities but so far so good, and the boys love that on these days they have a new job, to bring the milk in.

And BB loves that we aren’t using plastic and are returning our glass bottles when our new order is delivered so we aren’t actually wasting anything!

It is a simple but easy change for us to be honest.

And one that has just become the norm in only a couple of weeks which is great.

It is also one that I am really pleased we did as it does make a difference however small.

And it is so easy not to run out of milk because it is sat on your doorstep in the morning!

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