Rhianna’s Necklace

When Rhianna died a very good friend of mine brought me a necklace, it was Rhianna’s necklace and I loved it.

That friend is no longer in my life, and I put the necklace to the side as it was just to full of memories for me to wear it, too full of a life that I no longer had. I loved it but I couldn’t wear it, so it hung on the wall along with the other necklaces and stayed there, something that never got worn and over the years just stayed hanging.

It was bothering me, and as we have been working really hard at decluttering the house, including jewellery and all the small things that fill up the house I knew I had to make a decision about it.

Removing anything in the house related to Rhianna does not happen, so I knew it was staying but I also knew it would never be worn, and I didn’t really want that to happen as I do love it a lot.

So it was a decision of what else to do with it?

It took me a while but after a few days of thinking I had some inspiration.

I love to read, and not just on my kindle I love to read a proper book, with pages and covers, and I hate to fold of the edges of the pages, but I don’t really have a lovely bookmark I use scraps of paper and notes so I decided to make the necklace into a bookmark.

Something personal for me, that meant that whenever I curl up with a book I have Rhianna with me, once I had the idea it was easy to make.

I took the necklace apart and put the main part of the necklace onto a lovely stripy but girlie ribbon. I left this ribbon really long so that he can go around the whole book and can be tied into a ribbon on the front of the book.

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As soon as it was made I loved it and I still love it.

Every time I read I close the book on it and I smile.

When I then start to read I open the book up and it’s there and I smile.

It makes me feel like Rhianna is close with me when I have a moment without the boys, just a quiet moment sitting down to have a read, to disappear and escape into a moment.

And I secretly believe Rhianna would have been just like Mummy and a book lover and that makes it even more special.


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