Meal Planning Monday – Healthy Eating

I am really getting into our healthy eating at the moment, and am determined to be a little more organised with our diet. I am trying to sit down of an evening on a Sunday and actually plan our meals, and decide what we are eating for the week and plan my shopping.

This is something I really fail at, I am also planning on actually using our cookbooks, rather than them just sat there gathering dust, which is what they have done for many years.

Using the cookbooks means that firstly I can plan, secondly I can try to plan healthy meals and thirdly we all try new foods.

This week is no exception, in fact this week most of our main meals are new meals, or new ways of cooking meals and we shall see how we like these versions to whether we go back to the original or keep the new.

This week all of our meals are coming from three cookbooks, so these will be kept out for the week so I know what I am cooking when.

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So what shall we be eating this week;

Monday – we shall be having good old favourite Roast Chicken, however we trying the Crispy Roast Chook with Sweet Potato Casserole from “I Quit Sugar” this evening, this will be a first for us and I am excited to try it as it is a very different way to cook it.

Tuesday – Slow Cooked BBQ Pork, also from “I Quit Sugar” today is swimming day so if food can be done in the slow cooker it is a bonus.

Wednesday – We usually go to MIL’s for dinner, so this may well be a cheat night. However if we are at home, it will be omelettes this evening.

Thursday – Ham Hock with Vegetables from “Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar Free”

Friday – Bacon and Tomato Oven Baked Risotto from “Slimming World Extra Easy”

Saturday – Chicken Pot Pie from “Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar Free”

Sunday – we are out so this is our cheat day for sure!

I am hoping that these meals will be liked for all and hoping that the children will try lots of new foods this week.


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