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Shells, Shells and Shells

Shells, Shells and Shells

Last year was the first year that we had our touring caravan, and had many weekends away. Heading to the beach and letting the kids just be free, finding places for them to run around, places to walk the dogs, and just forget all of […]

Weekly Photo Week 3

Weekly Photo Week 3

I am super late posting last weeks Weekly Photo. And it isn’t one that I actually took on my big camera, this weekend I am determined to get that camera out and take some serious photos. But it is a picture that I absolutely love. […]

A Trike for Boo

Boo is obsessed with all things that have wheels, tractors, cars, vans, and bikes, so when I found a little second-hand trike for sale I knew we had to get the trike for Boo as he would love it and we never really had one […]

Writing Box

Ages and ages ago I brought myself a second-hand sewing box, I was really getting into sewing and knew that I needed to buy something to store all my sewing supplies in, then Mother’s Day arrived and the boys brought me a gorgeous box for […]

This Little Corner Cupboard

Yesterday I brought this little corner cupboard from a local selling page. I loved it straight away and when I found out how small it was I loved it even more. When I first got it I wasn’t really sure what I was going to […]

Bureau Love Number Two

I have always loved Bureaux, and my love of them has led to our house having a lot of them over the years. I brought my first one when I was pregnant with Baba in 2008 and in 2012 it got a massive revamp, which […]

Upcycling a Kitchen Unit

These last few weeks we have been decorating the kitchen, and redesigning the whole look of the room, ready for the move from a walled downstairs to an open plan downstairs. We brought most of the kitchen from Ikea, and we love it, but there […]

Boo’s First Painting

The last couple of weeks Boo and I have been getting to grips with toddler groups, it is a thing he has needed for a while, and to be honest I have really put them off. They really aren’t my thing. But as he has […]

Boo’s Present

Yesterday it was Boo’s first birthday and to be honest he has everything he could possibly need. From the moment we had Baba we have kept everything, so there is literally nothing he needs. So we thought and thought about it, and decided that a […]

A Upcycling Project

For ages now I have wanted an old style telephone table, the one with the seat attached. I have looked at them before, but have never been able to afford the prices of them. Today while walking the dog, I found this table being given […]