This Little Corner Cupboard

Yesterday I brought this little corner cupboard from a local selling page. I loved it straight away and when I found out how small it was I loved it even more.

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When I first got it I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with it, and there were a few ideas I had in my mind. One being a little cupboard in our kitchen, the other was to use it in the boys bedroom for their Harry Potter themed bedroom.

But after I had it at home for a while I decided that actually I really loved it and it was the perfect size for our kitchen wall, as we don’t have a lot of wall space so to have a nice little cupboard would be perfect in the little space that we have.

So today I painted it an off white, it took a few coats because of how dark the wood actually was.

But within a couple of hours, and three coats later this dark cupboard was transformed.

I added some fairy lights, and finished it off with a home sweet home heart and Rhianna’s lily candle that is purely for decoration and a couple of her fake sunflower flowers.

little corner cupboard, home decor, upcycle, recycle, painting, Rhianna, Fairy lights, Anne Sloan Chalk Paint,

And now it is just perfect, a perfect addition to our kitchen, something that we can see from the lounge and a perfect little area for some of Rhianna’s items in the kitchen.

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