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Ages and ages ago I brought myself a second-hand sewing box, I was really getting into sewing and knew that I needed to buy something to store all my sewing supplies in, then Mother’s Day arrived and the boys brought me a gorgeous box for my present. So I was left with the original one and not sure what to do with it, then a friend suggested a writing box.

writing box, sewing box, upcycled, writing, family, learning

As soon as it was mentioned I loved the idea and knew that it was a perfect.

I was busy with other projects and this box was sitting there waiting for me to upcycle and make into our perfect writing box.

This weekend I got cracking, and within a few hours the box was completely different to how it originally looked.

writing box, sewing box, upcycle, painting, family, learning, growing, writing, letters

I painted the whole box in white chalk paint, (my absolute favourite) and then I used the washi tape to really make the box look different.

I painted all of the inside of the box with white chalk paint and then I glued down pages from an old book that I never ever read anymore and covered each compartment floor with these pages.

writing box, sewing box, upcycle, painting,

The end result I love, the washi tape has made the whole box look completely different, and it has instantly become a box that will be used regularly from a box that just sat there doing nothing.

We can never find pens, pencils and paper in our house, so now they are all in one place.

There is an area for pens, for pencils, for post it notes, sticky notes, paper, notecards and envelopes.

I even went out and brought very gorgeous fancy writing paper today, because having this box has made me want to write letters again and to encourage the boys to write letters again.

It is a simple but totally for filling thing to do and there is in my opinion nothing greater than getting a written letter in the post from a friend or family member.

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