A Trike for Boo

Boo is obsessed with all things that have wheels, tractors, cars, vans, and bikes, so when I found a little second-hand trike for sale I knew we had to get the trike for Boo as he would love it and we never really had one for Baba, as he has only just got interested in bikes really. It is something that has never ever bothered him before.

I knew that when I got the trike I wanted to spray it and make it a different colour to what it was. It was well used and faded over the years so my first plan was to do the trike a really bright green.

trike for Boo, Painting, Upcycling, Riding, children's toys

This colour ran out unfortunately before I could finish the spray so I was off to get some more of the colour, but as the days went past and I kept looking at the trike I decided that I actually didn’t like this colour really so this was a great base colour but I went and brought two brand new colours as I had an idea to make it army colours with black marks over the trike.

Today I managed to get out in the garden while Boo was making a muddy puddle in the dirt and completely resprayed the whole bike.

trike for Boo, Painting, upcycle, riding,

As soon as I started spraying this colour I loved it, this was the perfect colour for how I wanted the trike to finally look.

As it was so sunny it dried nice and quickly and I managed to get the black dots done as well.

trike for Boo, painting, upcycle, riding

I loved adding these, I have never really done a lot with spray paint and this was so easy, and quick. In total this morning I covered the whole trike including underneath and added the black splodges in less than an hour.

It was really that easy and I love the finished look as does Boo, which is the main thing and has asked already if he can ride it to school to pick up Baba.

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