Mummy Please Leave Her Tree

Last week we took down the Christmas decorations and the boys were desperate not to take down Rhianna’s tree or move her table away.

Boo was the first one to ask if we could keep her tree and table, and then BB agreed and then Mr L agreed that it wasn’t doing any harm and actually looked lovely to have a space for her.

But I didn’t want to keep the Christmas tree for her up all year. I agreed that the table and the space there was lovely but we did need to change the tree.

So we all agreed that we would keep the table and make it a space for her but would be taking the Christmas tree down and would be buying something else to replace the tree.

Mr L was still off all of this week so when the boys went back to school on Thursday we went out looking for a tree for a Rhianna to have on the table all year round.

It didn’t take long before we found the perfect tree.

The fact that is has pink flowers also means that it blends in against the pink wall and pink table so makes the whole thing look beautiful. We also brought her a light up star as well and have left some of her decorations that she has been brought out for the whole year, and have moved some of her special pieces onto the table. Also adding my light up globe that I got for Christmas.

The boys loved it when they got home from school.

It really is gorgeous when it gets dark at home. The whole area has a lovely subtle light and it means there is a little bit of Rhianna permanently in the lounge next to our sofa.

Which we all love.

I love having bits to remind us of her at home, but I don’t want the house surrounded with her.

The house is surrounded with the boys pictures, so it only feels right as we only have 40 pictures of Rhianna that we have a few special items for her in the house too.

And the most special part of this tree and table is that her brothers wanted it, asked for it, actually insisted that we kept it for her and that makes it even more special than any other piece for Rhianna in the house.

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