Rhianna’s Star

At the beginning of the month we went to Winchester Christmas Market and one of the stalls were selling these gorgeous paper stars that go over your indoor lights. 

I loved them all and happened to mention to Mr L that they would be a perfect Christmas decoration for Rhianna.

One that could be up for the whole of December and that we could put up year after year.

He loved the idea and we spent a good few minutes trying to decide on the right star for the house. 

Eventually deciding on this slightly greenish blue star with beautiful pinks in it. 

As soon as we got home we put it on our light and it is absolutely gorgeous. 

It makes the room very dull of an evening, and actually it is really nice now all the Christmas trees and lights are also up it give the room a lovely look of an evening. 

I am really pleased with it, she has her tree and she has the star over the light, the two biggest focal points of the lounge are about Rhianna and I really love this. 

It feels like she is massively involved this year.

There is so much there to remember her in just the decorations and that means so much to me, it really helps with making Christmas that little bit easier. 

Anything that makes her not being here a little easier is a massive bonus in my world. And I am really pleased about at this time of year. 

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