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Shells, Shells and Shells

Shells, Shells and Shells

Last year was the first year that we had our touring caravan, and had many weekends away. Heading to the beach and letting the kids just be free, finding places for them to run around, places to walk the dogs, and just forget all of […]

A Quiet Day

Today we have had a chilled day, we didn’t go anywhere except our town and I managed to finally get the house sorted and catch up with the chores and some washing. The boys went out with their Nanny for a bit and took a […]

Another Day and More Fresh Air

Another Day and More Fresh Air

So today is the middle of the half term, and we are really loving the freedom of the holidays this week. We are loving the fact that there is no restrictions of still having the pushchair and that Boo now walks most places and can […]

First Day of Half Term

We are finally on half term, and we have a lovely relaxing week planned, of not doing a lot and just mooching around the house. Yesterday we had our first of I am sure many trips to the beach, and the boys ran around for […]

School End 2015-2016

So last week both Baba and Boo finished school. The first year they have both finished a school year. Baba has walked out of Year 2 and will be walking into year 3 in September nearly an 8-year-old and Boo has finished his first 6 […]

A Holiday with Stolen Childhood Moments

This holiday the days have been long and the nights have been short It has been full of stolen childhood moments The kids have taken a step back and they have just been kids Their clean toes have woken up and by dusk they have […]

A Non Product Of The Week

Today was the day for the new product of the week post. But today I have been having a long think about things and have made a decision after quite a lot of deciding and going back and forth. As you can see there is […]

And A Happy New Year

This holiday has been a slow holiday, a lovely one, but a slow one. Not slow as in time going slow, but slow as we haven’t done much we have had days at home pottering, not getting dressed, getting jobs done, playing games and just […]

Fun For All The Family

A family holiday is like a cake. There are a lot of different ingredients, get them wrong and your fun getaway will turn out as flat as a dodgy souffl√©. The kids will need entertaining during the day with plenty for the grown-ups in the […]

A Dream Holiday

We love living in the country and not being that far from some lovely beaches and when we go away we love to do the same thing. We love being on holiday in the country, and not to far from the beach. We have had […]