Another Day and More Fresh Air

So today is the middle of the half term, and we are really loving the freedom of the holidays this week.

We are loving the fact that there is no restrictions of still having the pushchair and that Boo now walks most places and can walk for a really long time.

It means we can be out for longer, and go a lot further and go to lots of different places.

We no longer have to worry about having to go to a place that has to accommodate a pushchair or have to worry about him being tired after only a little a walk and Baba still wanting to stay out.

Now we can just explore.

Enjoy the fresh air and just have fun.

Today we went to the park.

We watched the mini train going around.

We had a walk around the park, trying to find flowers and some animals.

The boys climbed trees.

And they then had fun playing in the park, climbing on the wooden climbing frames, sliding down the slides, and swinging on the swings.

Once we finished at the park no one wanted to go home, so we decided to head to the beach (a different one from the other day)

It was very windy today, but that didn’t stop the boys. Running around and looking for shells, and stones, and little treasures on the beach.

We found shells attached to the rocks.

We watched the waves come in and Baba took pictures for his school project.

We found seaweed and took some pictures on the rocks and on the stones.

And as we were walking back to the car we found a near on perfect crab shell sitting on the stones.

Baba is fascinated by crabs and has been searching for a perfect shell to take some photos for his school project and was so fascinated and pleased about this picture that it finished the day of perfectly.

Another perfect day of exploring.

Being free.

And just getting some fresh air.

And the boys getting on.

Having fun.

And no shouting or screaming at each other.



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