Back To School

Today the boys went back to school for the New Year.

Boo was having none of it last night and absolutely refused to go to sleep, in fact he screamed, and cried for near on two hours about how much he was refusing to go to school today. As all the teachers want him to do is maths and he hates maths!

Neither his dad or I are sure where that came from, but we heard it all last night and ended up having to tag team to get him to finally go to sleep.

After that we were both dreading the school run this morning, as for the first time ever Mr L is still at home after Christmas and the boys had to go into school.

BB was a dream this morning, he was awake, dressed and sorted his bags, and geckos all within plenty of time before he had to go to school.

Boo was a nightmare to get up, surprise, surprise after last night and as soon as he came downstairs he was complaining that he felt sick and at first refused to even sit up, let alone have breakfast. We did manage to get some food into him and then he finally woke up, and was actually in a good mood.

And even though we were both dreading it actually went into school absolutely fine. Which I was really shocked about, the last time Mr L took him into school, he cried and cried so I was really worried about him getting upset today. But he wasn’t even bothered.

After all that last night, he walked in with his friends and didn’t even batter an eyelid that we were going which was great!

I would imagine that he will be absolutely shattered this evening as he had such little sleep last night, and I am sure tomorrow morning he wont want to get up again!

But we shall see, only six more weeks until the next holiday!

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