Rhianna’s Garden

April threw me, I never ever expected to be so upset about the school admissions letters, the one that we missed out on, the one that Rhianna should have had but never got to receive. It floored me, and took me ages to get back to reality. The weekend after the letter, Baba and Mr L decided to make a start on a beautiful display for Rhianna’s garden. Last year we tried the fairy garden, and over the winter it got wrecked, so I was really upset and wanted something that would be safe and we could keep and develop over the years.

We had these old crates in the shed, that were heading for the tip as I had brought them initially as shelves, and we only had space for one and the other three we didn’t really like once they arrived. Mr L and Baba decided to put them onto the outside wall by the kitchen so it faced the whole garden so that everyone can see it.

It was a perfect space to put Rhianna’s bits and pieces on that we and her brothers have brought her over the years.

Mr L and Baba put on all the items that had been in her fairy garden and a couple of pots that I had recently brought, and I instantly loved it but could see the potential for so many things to be added to the display.

The thing that I really loved about it was when we sit in the garden at the table we can directly see the whole wall and all of her items.

However we quickly realised that her solar lights were no longer working and it wasn’t right the colour it was.

So I painted both of the crates in an Old White chalk paint, and the boys picked some windmills instead of the solar lights. We also put up a heart that was on her grave a couple of Christmas’ ago that we have kept indoors since then, and brought a gorgeous butterfly to put on the wall.

The end result is stunning.

We have had a few plants in the pots, but they are not actually growing very well so these will be changed for fake ones very soon, so they are beautiful all year round.

Everything about this display is gorgeous, and things will be added to it over the year. I still want to add some more touches, I want it to have some bunting, and her name on there somewhere and there are some plaques I would like to buy to complete it as well. But so far it is amazing and is the perfect area we needed in the garden and is something all of us love and even Boo understands is his sisters shelves.


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