Remembering Rhianna

When Rhianna died one thing I was really worried about was people not remembering Rhianna, that only myself and her daddy would make an effort to remember her. 

I have been proved wrong so many times when it comes to the boys. 

Only last week did BB come home with a Christmas tree made for Rhianna with her name on and remembering his sister written on it. 

He has always remembered her from the moment she died. 

I was never sure how Boo would be about Rhianna, BB never met her but he was here when she died it is an odd experience to have a sister that you know nothing about and that lives and has lived in heaven before you were even born. 

But he remembers her as much as BB does. 

Last week he brought her some flowers when we were food shopping.

Yesterday he asked a gift for his birthday, to go and see his sister and give her some flowers! 

I will never have to worry about Rhianna not being remembered. 

All the time we are here she will be remembered. 

All the time her brothers are here she will be remembered.

And I know they will pass down their sisters memory to their families and that gives me the greatest warmth. 

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