Remembering Rhianna at Christmas

It’s a hard thing to work out, remembering your daughter in heaven at Christmas.

It is something we change most years.

Something we struggle with every year.

Over the years we have had Santa leave a balloon, go visit her grave, not go visit her grave, give her a Christmas tree, not give her a Christmas, write a card, not write a card. 

Nothing ever seems right. 

Because it isn’t, none of it is right. 

So it is hard to work out what is best. 

But over the years she has received a lot of presents, and actually a lot of Christmas decorations. 

Whether they are for the tree or freestanding. 

Last year it occurred to me to get a little tree for Rhianna for her decorations.

Her brothers have their own tree so why shouldn’t she.

But I looked and looked and couldn’t find the one I wanted.

This year I came across a small, already with lights pink tree and it was perfect for her so I grabbed it.

Today I put it up and found all her decorations and she has ended up with her own little area in the lounge. 

A table full of Rhianna’s presents and decorations. 

And it is just perfect. 

And I am not really sure why we have never done this before. 

But we will certainly being doing it again! 

I really love it, it is simple but so effective with all of Rhianna’s pieces together and the boys love it too.

It is just the perfect way for us as a family to remember Rhianna, I know it is as it makes me feel content, it makes me feel happy and it just feels so right. 

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