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Ambulance Call Out

Ambulance Call Out

We are running on go slow today. Due to a massive lack of sleep. And an ill Boo. Yesterday he wasn’t right. He woke at 10.30 and said he felt sick as soon as he woke up. He had a temperature averaging around 39 degrees […]

Dear So And So – The Sickness Edition

Dear Temperature, You know you are gradually tapping away at Mr L and my lifespan don’t you every time you decide to make a visit to Baba. He does not do temperatures. For the next week or so Mr L and I have no sleep […]

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

So Tuesday Baba was quiet all day long, his temperature remained but other than that he seemed OK. He was eating and drinking and by the time Mr L came home you wouldn’t even think there was anything wrong with him. He was running around […]

And Here We Go Again

I have a really busy week this week, and it was my week to get the final things in the house sorted before half term. Enabling me to get the business started and the website finished. Today was the first day, Baba was going to […]

Ill Or Not Ill?

This week we have had a difficult one with Baba, it is like he is ill. But not really ill and I really can’t work it out. I think¬†that he is fighting something his little body at night seems very distressed when he is sleeping, […]