Ambulance Call Out

We are running on go slow today.

Due to a massive lack of sleep.

And an ill Boo.

Yesterday he wasn’t right.

He woke at 10.30 and said he felt sick as soon as he woke up.

He had a temperature averaging around 39 degrees even with medicine and all he wanted to do was lay on the sofa.

He didn’t eat, and I had to make sure he drank throughout the day.

He was poorly.

But with nothing really showing except a temperature.

Last night he got a lot worse.

His temperature was still sitting around the 39 mark, but he really was not himself.

He fell asleep downstairs and then woke up crying and took ages to settle back down.

He did this a couple of more times in the evening.

Then he woke up and didn’t respond to us, or look to be able to focus on us. He was completely normal in his physical being but was not with us at all, and was boiling.

It was like he was about to have a convulsion like his brother used to but he wasn’t he just had the non responsive blank face instead.

It seemed to take an eternity to get him to respond and in this time we called for help.

An ambulance was sent, which took quite a while to get to us. And by this time he had completely settled and was fast asleep.

The paramedics checked him over and decided that whatever the episode was it was temperature based but as he was now settled and his temperature had finally dropped and it was closer to morning than night to leave him be and get an appointment today at the doctors.

He then slept for the rest of the night unlike Mr L and myself.

When he woke up this morning his temperature was again high and he was sick! He came downstairs had some medicine and within half an hour he was back asleep again and slept until lunchtime.

In that time he has been cool, hot and clammy. So his temperature is definitely going a little mental.

I have spoken to the doctor in this time and he is off for an appointment this afternoon so hopefully then we will get the hang of it!

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