Dear So And So – The Sickness Edition

Dear Temperature,

You know you are gradually tapping away at Mr L and my lifespan don’t you every time you decide to make a visit to Baba. He does not do temperatures.

For the next week or so Mr L and I have no sleep someone, has to sleep with Baba we have to give medicine repeatedly throughout the day. Constantly checking his temperature. Twice this week in the middle of the night he has had rigors, that is you that is. Do you know how frightening they are? How we then lay there awake praying that he doesn’t go into a fit.

Do you get a kick out of it? Why are you so persistent in coming back, huh? Please stay away now, just give us a god damn break!

A tired exhausted Mummy xxx


Dear Tonsillitis,

Stop infecting my poor Baba, seriously he is only two he has had it four times in his little life. He really goes through it with you and its not far. Please leave him alone let him have a nice mouth from now on, not one that hurts and makes him sick and feverish and tired. OK.

From his upset Mummy


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