We went away on Friday and my throat started to hurt.

By Saturday I spent most of the afternoon on the sofa while away, I had a throbbing throat and such a temperature all I could do was really sleep.

I kept on with paracetamol and nurofen and gargling to try to keep it at bay for the weekend.

And it did seem to be working.

But once I came home I could feel my throat starting to hurt once again.

Yesterday as I had had a bad throat for five days I finally gave in and went to the doctors.

To be told that I had tonsillitis once again, I have a huge 10 days worth of antibiotics to try to get on top of it.

Tonsillitis seems to be my thing at the moment, I have had it a little recently, and hadn’t had it for years since I seemed to grow out of it as a child. And it is horrible. There isn’t really any pain like it.

I am hoping this ten day course of antibiotics can really get rid of it this time and I can get a bit of a break from it.

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