Knitting A Throw The Completed Version

Over two years ago I started to knit a throw, it was the first time I had ever done any knitting and it was a slow process.

There was a lot of stopping and starting and a lot of the squares I had to unpick and start all again.

But I kept on, as I have wanted to knit properly for ages, and have really tried for many years, but never really got it.

This throw was part of a knitting magazine subscription and it was finally clicking how to knit so I kept at it, and got a lot better and posted about my progress as it was getting easier to do each square.

But then as I got slack with the blog, I carried on knitting and as seems to be the case with my blog I forgot to really update it. (I am noticing this a lot with the blog at the moment, as I am going through all of my old posts, and it is something that I am determined to get on top of) And I completed the throw.

Well I say completed, it should have a border but I started to knit it and really didn’t like it, so that is currently only half done as I am not sure I am going to finish it as I really didn’t like the look that it achieved.

So I have left it as it is, and I really am super proud of myself.

It is far from perfect but it is so much better than I thought it would have been.

It was downstairs, but was getting covered in dog hairs, so it had an airing and now sits on our bed, whatever the duvet, so it doesn’t always match.

But it is up there all the time, pride of place on our bed.

I am so glad I persevered with this and am so pleased with the end result! Now if I could just knit a bit quicker I could get a lot more made, as I still seem a very slow knitter! But I am sure that will come with practice!

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