Knitting a Throw

Last year I subscribed to The Art of Knitting magazine, knitting is something that I have always wanted to master, I can do the bare minimum but I wanted to learn more and the magazine includes wool every week for you to work towards knitting a throw.

I subscribed knitted the first two squares of the throw and then left it to be honest.

Each week I have been getting the magazine and collecting the wool and doing nothing with it.

Last month I decided that I want to get on with this throw and learn some different ways to knit.

So I sat down and attempted two more squares of the throw.

I am a really slow knitter one square takes me a few hours but I was determined to do something.

In a couple of days (told you I was slow) I managed to knit a couple more squares and actually I was really impressed with just two different stitches how different the squares actually look.

I was secretly impressed with myself.

So I have set myself a challenge, I would like to say I would do at least one of the throws squares a week, but currently with the house upside down and inside out I am not sure that is possible, but over this next month I would like to do four more squares. Whether that be weekly or all done over a couple of weekends who knows but by the end of the month I want another four to add to the collection.

I want to get on top of the throw even if I do nothing else, although there are some amazing patterns in the folder. But I am not too clever with reading the patterns at the moment, so just doing a square is good for me at the moment while I am learning.

Although I find it quite difficult I also find it quite enjoyable and love seeing the end result.

Hopefully by the end of 2016 the throw will be massively grown to what it is now and I shall have a lot of squares already knitted and waiting to be put together.

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