Knitting a Throw Part Two

In February I wrote about my attempt at knitting a throw, since then I did become very slack again, as I got so preoccupied with sorting out our house and getting rid of all of our rubbish, which is a whole other post in itself.

But last week I decided to pick up the knitting again.

I am still not fast but I am getting better, and I can say that I can knit a whole square in an evening now. It literally does take me the whole evening but I am getting there.

Slowly but surely.

I am impressed that I am still going, I have nearly 80 squares left to do as it stands currently, but I know that I am getting faster as each square that I knit seems to be knitted quicker and easier than the last one.

I also know that I am learning the basics of knitting.

I am learning so many variations of stitches which are really just different combinations of purl and knit, but they are developing so many different squares that I am loving it.

I have also noticed that I can find the stitches that I have knitted as well, I can tell the difference between what a purl and a knit stitch looks like so that I am able to work out where I am on the square at any particular time. Which is something that I never thought I would be able to say and am actually very proud that I can say it.

I am noticing that I seem to regularly getting the tension the same on all the squares which I am pleased about as they will all eventually be stitched together, but they are all coming out the right sizes and width.

All in all I am really pleased, and now I just need to seriously get cracking on completely the squares so that I can get the throw finished.

I have a new goal and that is to have all of this completed by the beginning of the winter.

If I can work on a square a day I am looking in the next couple of months having all the squares finished. Which I can not wait for!

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