A Leaf Door Decoration

Over the last few weeks we have been collecting conkers, chestnuts and acorns like they are going out of fashion, so much so that we had a whole box full and I wasn’t really sure what to do with them all. We then got a new front door and I decided an autumn wreath would be a really good idea, as the idea developed I decided to make a leaf door decoration instead using all the chestnuts, conkers and acorns.

It really wasn’t that difficult and only needed a few supplies.


Conkers, chestnuts, acorns.

Brown String

Glue Gun


Cinnamon Sticks

The first thing that I did was wash all of our chestnuts, acorns and conkers and then dried them out and cooked them for just an hour or so on a medium heat with the door slightly ajar to get rid of all the bugs and make them clean.

I then got my chipboard and drew a leaf design and cut this out.

I decided I wanted quite a big leaf as I wanted to use as many of the conkers, chestnuts and acorns as I could.

I then used some glue to stick a bit of string onto the chipboard and then covered the whole leaf in string to make it a little thicker and to cover the chipboard up.

The next stage was to then start sticking on the conkers, chestnuts and the acorns, I started with the chestnuts and the couple of conkers that we had.

Once these were all stuck down I then added the acorns. These were to decorate the leaf, I added them in the tiny holes, and we had collected a lot that were two acorns to a stick so these were easy to place in all the tiny spaces and to make the leaf look filled.

Once all the acorns were stuck I decided to use up some old Cinnamon sticks and tied some string around them and made bows on them and then stuck these around the leaf. Adding decoration and a gorgeous smell to the leaf as well.

Then it was finished and I actually really love it, it turned out much better than I thought it would.

I have covered the back in glue and added a string hook to hang the leaf with and I have left them all to dry very hard over the next few days before we actually hang the leaf on the front door.

But I really love it and it only took me an evening to complete from start to finish.

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