Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Once again we are doing a month of flowers for Rhiannas birthday month.

Remembering Rhianna isn’t about big massive gestures.

Or a huge list of a backbone of memories.

We don’t have them.

We have one days worth to fill a lifetime.

Remembering Rhianna is about smaller gestures.

Traditions we have as her family.

Small but beautiful things that I am confident her brothers will also do when they are older.

I have a dream, that when they are both older and in their own homes, with their own families there will be three houses with beautiful flowers in for the month of March.

A simple but oh so important tradition for their sister.

And if they have children, they will learn that we buy flowers every March for their Auntie Rhianna.

It’s a small but beautiful gesture for our baby girl.

Just the same as her.

One that we will always will do.

Until we are old and grey.

Remembering our little girl for the month of March.

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