Little Princess Trust Update

A year and a half ago BB announced that he wanted to grow his hair for the Little Princess Trust, as he didn’t think that they would have many ginger wigs available.

It had been a long time growing but I think 2019 will be the year that he finally cuts his hair.

It is getting long and not that we have measured it recently but I think it won’t be much longer before it can be cut and donated.

He has had some serious slack for growing his hair, he has been asked if wants to be a girl, why he is trying to look like a girl, etc.

He still gets looks when we go out.

Only in the last month he has been looked at a couple of times and people have commented on his hair. It drives me mental, it drives his dad nuts but BB doesn’t seem that bothered. He carries on and for most of the time he just ignores what is said.

He knows why he is doing it and he knows it is for an amazing cause and that is what keeps him going.

In the last couple of weeks BB has been talking about sponsorship, as he has always wanted to raise money as well as cut his hair. And he has decided very sensibly that he wants to split his sponsorship money.

As well as raising money for Little Princess Trust, he also wants to raise money for Help For Heroes.

So that is what he will be doing as well as donating his hair, he will be fundraising and making money for Little Princess Trust and for Help for Heroes.

It is going to be a big year for him and we are so so proud of him!

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