Big Bro Starts Scuba Diving Lessons

So yesterday Big Bro started a new adventure.

That was scuba diving lessons.

He has been desperate to learn to scuba dive for months now as it is a “definite thing I need to be a marine biologist” his words.

So last year we looked into it and found these local lessons and booked him in for them for his birthday.

He was so excited and has done so well waiting since October for the lessons to start, and it was made so much better due to the fact that his friend also started at the same time.

He only has one lesson a month for the next six months. Yesterday being his first one.

It was so great to see him in the water, his face was utterly priceless, it was one of those faces that we knew we had made the right decision he was so happy.

And such a natural he was just totally at ease in the water, he did struggle a little with the breathing at first but within a few minutes he was sorted and had the knack.

By the end of the lesson he was swimming the whole pool, with his snorkel and flippers and picking up tiny little coins from the bottom of the pool.

He came out of his lesson so excited and can not wait for his next lesson!

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