A Broken Arm

So at four years and six months Boo has joined myself and his brother and become a member of the broken bones club.

This half term ended with a visit to a and e on Friday due to him having a small fall, compared to some of the stunts he does himself, and complaining about his arm still hurting a while later.

It is a tiny break luckily, one that will only take a couple of weeks to heal and one that he has managed to escape from a cast and is getting away with just a splint.

But after one day in hospital with his brother who has a wierd eye infection I really didn’t have in my plans to be going to a different hospital the next day.

But clearly Boo had other plans and off we went on Friday.

When we were in there and I saw this child not being able to weight bare on his foot and Boo running around and using his non swollen hand I really did doubt why we there, as he seemed fine, except for saying it still hurt.

Luckily mother’s instinct made me take him, and it wasn’t wrong as the doctor came back very quickly from his x-ray to say it was broken and he would need this splint for the next couple of weeks.

You can not fault our NHS I have the most wriggly, non sit still child in the world and the guy doing the x-ray was remarkable with him, as Boo just kept on moving. He was chatting to him about their love of Mario, Boo had a t-shirt on, he had socks on. And he didn’t once get annoyed even though we had to do one scan three times, instead he just laughed with Boo and made him totally at ease which made the whole experience so easy and fun for Boo.

And we were not that long a couple of hours to be seen by the doctor x-rayed and sorted and back home is super fast in my opinion.

But the best bit was Boo came out happy and unfazed by it all. The doctor did tell him his splint was not a boxing glove, as Boo exclaimed when he had it put on, he thought this was amazing to the doctors dismay!

He hasn’t been bothered about it since, still doing what he usually does and is just getting on with things. I think he does find it very hot under the splint in this weather but I try to explain a plaster would be so much worse but he doesn’t really have an understanding of what that is so just looks at me blankly.

But for someone who has broken his arm, you really wouldn’t know as it is not affecting him at all!


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