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Ambulance Call Out

Ambulance Call Out

We are running on go slow today. Due to a massive lack of sleep. And an ill Boo. Yesterday he wasn’t right. He woke at 10.30 and said he felt sick as soon as he woke up. He had a temperature averaging around 39 degrees […]

Chicken Pox, or Not Chicken Pox

It is something we haven’t been sure about for the last few days. Thursday Baba came home from school basically covered in spots. His back was covered from the base of his neck down to the base of his spine. All the spots were small […]

A Poorly Baba

Baba is ill. He has been complaining of a bad tummy for a while with nothing actually coming off it. Just a tummy ache. This weekend he wasn’t that great. Yesterday he was off school and by the end of the day we thought that […]

A Sick Boo

It started on Monday he seemed a little hot, and his face was really flush. To be honest at first I thought that it was teeth, so I gave him some calpol and hoped that would knock it on its head. Yesterday he woke very […]


After a week of battling a cough, downing the disgusting cough medicine and nothing much happening I finally decided to give in and go and see a doctor. I was ill, I had been ill, and secretly had my suspicions that I had Bronchitis like […]


I have been ill all weekend. I have hurt my thumb quite badly and can barely move it and basically spent most of the weekend in bed. I haven’t slept at night and have been chasing my sleep all day. It has been a bit […]

The Last Few Days

The last few days I have been really poorly. I don’t know what was wrong almost like a bug / flu. First of all I was sick then I ached, every single bone in my body felt like it was ten times heavier than it […]

Weekend Round Up

We have had an exciting weekend this week… We started with Mr L having a stinking cold, and working all weekend, and Baba and I sittingin toilet training. We finished the weekend with Mr L have Sunday off, so then I worked all day Sunday […]