Card Storage

We have lots and lots of cards in our house for all occasions, brought cards and hand-made cards, but we have never really had a great card storage system. The cards are generally just chucked in various boxes and it takes an age to find the actual card that you want to use for the event you are going to.

Many a time I have brought a card, put it in a various box and then haven’t been able to find it for the event I brought it for and have ended up buying another card for the same event.


So we have quite a stash, and to be honest they were beginning to really annoy me, as I was never finding them for the right thing and always had far too many cards lying around.

So when these fab Lavenderlily suitcases came into my life I knew exactly what to use them for.

By the time I found all the various cards, I needed all three suitcases, and then I had to sort them into piles, for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Get Well, Congratulations, Blank and just the odds and sods ones. I then put the appropriate cards into the suitcases that were the right size for them, and that was the storage sorted out.

Although I wasn’t completely happy and the suitcases were screaming out for some tags, so I raided my scrapbooking supplies and found these gorgeous little tags and pencilled in (so I can change the contents and still keep the tags) the cards that were in each box. I then used some of my brown string and put a hole punch in these tags and tied each tag to the appropriate suitcase.

It really was that simple.

Nice and quick and now all my cards have a place to live and I can easily find the right ones when I need one for an invite, a birthday, wedding, or just a general note to send to a friend.

And it also means I have freed up a lot of space in the various boxes that these cards did live in!

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