In March I wrote a post about making time to read and the fact that I wanted to read more as last year I read so little!

I love to read. But I find finding the time to read is so hard.

As there is always something to do in the house, with the boys or just seeing hubby.

Reading gets put very low down on the list of priorities to be honest.

But it is something I have really been trying to do more off.

So far this year I am currently on my third book and that is a huge improvement on last year. But I would still like to read more.

I have decided I am aiming for 12 books this year if I manage more than that I will be really pleased.

And am alternating between fiction, business, parenting and self help books and revisiting some of my favourites as well!

There are so many books to read in my house and I really want to start making a dent in the piles.

But my question is finding the time to read..

So if you are a big reader how do you find the time to read?

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