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We went away on Friday and my throat started to hurt. By Saturday I spent most of the afternoon on the sofa while away, I had a throbbing throat and such a temperature all I could do was really sleep. I kept on with paracetamol […]

The Curse of Tonsillitis

So this week Baba has been hard work, everything has resulted in either screaming or crying, and I have suspected that he has been fighting something off. As he has been particularly foul on the behaviour front. This morning he woke on time for school, […]

Getting Ready

Baba has his operation two weeks today for his eyes. He has a condition called Trichiasis which is where his eyelashes grow into his eyes. He has as severe case, this is classed as five eyelashes or more, he has both of his bottom row of […]

Dear So And So – The Sickness Edition

Dear Temperature, You know you are gradually tapping away at Mr L and my lifespan don’t you every time you decide to make a visit to Baba. He does not do temperatures. For the next week or so Mr L and I have no sleep […]